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We have many different types of Rituals and Spell Work to fit your needs.
I offer a wide range of spells & voodoo such as- love spell work designed to fix even the most difficult and troubling situations, finding true love, reuniting lost lovers, make him love you, keep her faithful, keep others away from the relationship, break-ups, obsession, protection,

and more.

Okay.. First lets start with,
Yes, I'm born a witch & natural psychic clairvoyant and I have a coven..

My coven does worship many Gods of power. I DO NOT sacrifice animals
or dance naked in the woods & I do not swear upon blood oaths...




as a young child I've been bought up in a witch and spiritual beyond words environment.

you see I was never meant to live , I was born premature but with the help of my mothers gifts and her covens faith I'm grateful to be here today stronger then ever..

growing up practicing the craft came easy since the members of the coven (I'm still apart of today) consist of family members and long term friends and partners, it was the psychic ability's that caused the difficulties.. not being able to control the visions and energy developments was hard ,

I connected to my higher self and now can use my powerful gifts perfectly and over the last 19 years I've healed, directed and cleared paths for many but,

my complete passion in this life is the witchcraft and voodoo work I can offer .  
I now have been for the last 6 years a Hi Priestess in my coven holding strong success rates with clients
specializing in healing of the spirit and soul, white arts and of course the
dark .

Unsure of what your looking for?

I offer tarot & psychic services !

As you are confused and not sure what type of casting you are in need of, NO WORRIES...
"we" together will find the best path for you.

Love spell &Services 
                  but not limited to...

  • Reunite lovers spell

  • Break up spell

  • Attraction spell

  • Love me spell

  • Removal of third party spell

  • Gay spell

  • Spell break

  • Curse/Hex 

  • Curse/Hex removal

  • VooDoo

  • Hoodoo


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